Wellness and beauty treatments

Wellness and beauty treatments

Wellness, that is, fun activities allowing to take care of the body and relax the mind, is a concept developed in 1959 by an American doctor, Halbert L. Dunn. Beauty care, however, is almost as old as the history of humankind. For centuries humans have used the blessings of nature to stop the ravages of time. Nowadays, despite advanced technologies used in many treatments, we still benefit from the unique properties of plants, minerals and natural resources. Their salutary effect on the general condition and health is appreciated by the representatives of both genders, irrespective of age.

The treatments are carried out in the Health Resort’s Health Institute (standard price list) and at the Medical & Spa Prestige Club (premium price list).

See the details concerning the treatments and their prices:

Standard price list
(treatments conducted in the Health Resort’s Health Institute)
Premium price list
(treatments carried out at the Medical & SPA Prestige Club)


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