Balneotherapy is a kind of physiotherapy recommended to persons suffering from joint diseases, rheumatism, back pains, neuralgic pains and skin problems. The treatments are based on natural resources exhibiting therapeutic properties, such as peats and peloids.

At the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort, we use unique peloids mined using the opencast method at its premises and thanks to a cooperation with the Strumień commune. The peloids are used in baths and compresses. They alleviate pain and bring quick relief.

Peloids are not the only natural resource that is used in our treatments. We have our deposits of saline water. You can benefit from its healing effects during baths at the Health Resort’s Health Institute.

The treatments are carried out in the Health Resort’s Health Institute (standard price list) and at the Medical & Spa Prestige Club (premium price list).

See the details concerning the treatments and their prices:

Standard price list
(treatments conducted in the Health Resort’s Health Institute)
Premium price list
(treatments carried out at the Medical & SPA Prestige Club)


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