Environmental policy

The “USTROŃ” S.A. Health Resort Company performs its tasks while accepting its responsibility concerning the natural environment both because of the current and future generations. All the organisational units of the “Ustroń” S.A. Health Resort Company and the “Ustroń” Sp. Z o.o. Health Resort’s Health Institute base their offer mainly on the local gifts of nature in the form of saline water, pelt and the health resort’s microclimate. In their activities, they take into account the rule of decreasing the negative environmental impact and respecting the principle of sustainable development.

Maintaining an environmental management system compliant to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and the best practices in health resort treatment, medical rehabilitation, diagnostics and body care practices, we continuously improve our understanding and respect towards all components of the natural environment on which we may have an impact while performing the above tasks.

Moreover, we undertake to fulfil our standard compliance commitments.

Because humans are a primary element of the natural environment, our entire activity is aimed at the patients’ well-being. It is supported by the applied Quality Management System as well as integrated and correlated with the presented environmental approach.

The ongoing practices of environmental management include:

  • observing the binding legal and other environmental requirements,
  • identification and assessment of ecological aspects with risks and opportunities in mind,
  • development of environmental awareness of our personnel, mainly based on specified operating criteria referring to all the significant environmental issues, with a particular focus on the proper utilisation of hazardous medical wastes,
  • prevention of emergencies impacting the natural environment and readiness to minimise their effects,
  • care for the safety of patients, employees and the local communities,
  • minimising the negative environmental impact of our day-to-day activity,
  • Continuous improvement based i.a. on the results of environmental monitoring and measurements.

Assuming full responsibility for building ecological awareness, I declare my support as well as the measures necessary for the performance of the Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Policy shall be made available upon request. Based on the above policy, specific environmental objectives have been assumed, the achievement of which is strictly analysed within the periodical inspections conducted by the Management of the Company.

President of the Board “USTROŃ” S.A. Health Resort Company
Bartosz Sadowski

Environmental policy (PDF) – polish version  PDF documents are electronic files that may be opened and displayed using the Adobe Reader software. The program is free and may be downloaded and installed by clicking here.


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