Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Today we will send you an email confirmation and a letter by registered mail confirming the reservation, which will contain all the necessary information concerning the date and the conditions of the stay, the room and the treatments.

Yes. The appointment is free of charge.

Depending on the selected offer, the patients will be granted a certain amount per day to use for the treatments – in line with the price list.

The treatment price list is available here: 


Of course. Additional treatments that may hand-picked with the help of the doctor support the healing process and allow to obtain even better effects in recovery and regaining physical fitness.

Each treatment is carried out in the Medical & Spa Prestige Club and the Health Resort’s Health Institute, which are connected with the Równica Health Resort by a corridor. Walking the distance between the buildings takes several minutes – it’s around 300 meters or ca. 1000 feet.

Apart from the standard rooms, we offer comfortable rooms and suites located at the higher floors of the Równica Health Resort. Our patients may also find accomandation in our Wilga*** Hotel.

Both towels and bedding are available in each room. To feel comfortable during the treatments, however, it is advised to bring one or two additional towels. You do need to bring a swimsuit and comfortable clothing suitable for doing exercises during the rehabilitation.

Each of the buildings has its guest parking area. Please refer to the parking area’s price lists.

Of course. Please note that the parking fees must be paid in cash.

Yes. In case of such stays, you can buy and book treatments at any time.

All the guests of each of our facilities (Równica, Kos, Rosomak and Narcyz, as well as the Wilga*** Hotel), regardless of the type of stay, benefit from discounts on treatments.


Yes. If coming by train, please get off at the “USTROŃ” train station. From there, although it isn’t far, you can take a cab that will bring you directly to the Health Resort’s entrance.

All our facilities you will find on the slopes of the Równica mountain, within walking distance from the centre of Ustroń, which ensures an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. A beautiful Spring Park (Polish: Park Zdrojowy) with a new saline water fountain providing a healthy microclimate, is situated right next to the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort. The high number of hiking and bicycle trails makes the surroundings of the health resort a perfect starting point for trips and walks.

Yes. There are grocery stores, shops selling jewellery, a pharmacy, florist shops, the “Klub Kuracjusza” club, cafés, a tavern, as well as service providers such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians. The premises of the Health Resort include a barbeque place, a summer garden and a beauty salon.

Depending on the room, we offer a beautiful view of the Równica mountain or a breathtaking panorama of Ustroń with a mountain range and the Czantoria mountain.

When it comes to open treatments, the choice is yours. Some medications, however, require a doctor’s consent.


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