Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort

It was Hippocrates who claimed that the physician treats, but nature heals. The Beskid Śląski region is undoubtedly a place where one may feel the restorative power of life. Here nature offers all that is best for human health. It is here, in Beskid Śląski, where the most prominent health resort complex in Europe is situated. Due to its long-standing tradition, effective treatments and professional practices it is a resort that has enjoyed excellent reviews and recognition throughout many years. The core of the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Heath Resort is made up of a team of experienced professionals, headed by world-class authorities, cooperated with American Heart of Poland.


Medical & SPA stays

Rehabilitation and regeneration treatments and relaxing stay in the mountains are a way of overcoming your health problems.

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specialist rehabilitation

Wellbeing and health after the most serious operations and illnesses.

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At the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort, we offer a wide range of medical treatments.

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Our clients' opinions

Ustroń, is a mountain gem, a special place for restoring both physical and spiritual health. 

The Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort offers charming service and energetic staff which guarantees pleasant memories and a healthier outlook on life.

I always return to this pleasant land exhausted and leave it energetically and physically renewed.

Tadeusz, Facebook

Charming people, great hotels and beautiful surroundings. Great offers.

Renata, Facebook

Uzdrowisko is a well-equipped health resort with exceptional things to offer. It is an outstanding place to prevent diseases, to treat them and to relax. I recommend it and my stay at Wilga Hotel, with good food, pleasant staff, very clean. Commercial rest – orthopaedic. I came to take care of my spine. It’s close to the Health Resort’s Health Institute – good location.

Aneta, Facebook

I recommend it. 5*. 

I’ve chosen a private stay, which wasn’t that expensive with all the medical care. I was delighted: 

  1. The nurses from the 7th floor – fantastic, thank you!
  2. The heart doctor – Piotr gives 150% of himself and knows what he’s doing – great!
  3. Physical therapists from 1 to 10 – 10
  4. 5 * for the food

Tom, Facebook

The staff of the “Medical&Spa Prestige Club” deserves exceptional appreciation. Both the people at the reception desk and the therapists are not only professionals but also very persons with a perfect attitude towards the elderly. It’s them who make it worth it to use the offer of Równica.

Aleksandra, Facebook

Great health resort complex. Beautiful surroundings. Friendly people. Charming service. Very clean. The meals are tasty. Outstanding place. We recommend it from our hearts because we are here together with my husband. 

Anna, Facebook


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