Physical therapy

Physical therapy

Electrotherapy is a group of treatments with the application of therapeutic currents characterised by various frequencies. These treatments are completely painless, take around a dozen minutes, and the effects appear surprisingly fast. Because of their high effectiveness, they are often recommended in the treatment of neurologic and nervous system diseases.

Light therapy uses mainly ultraviolet and infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye. These types of radiation differ in terms of energy level and wavelength. As a result, they penetrate the tissues to different depths and yield different effects. As a result of radiation, the blood and nutrition supply of the cells is improved, and the body’s regenerative processes are activated.

The treatments are carried out in the Health Resort’s Health Institute (standard price list) and at the Medical & Spa Prestige Club (premium price list).

See the details concerning the treatments and their prices:

Standard price list
(treatments conducted in the Health Resort’s Health Institute)
Premium price list
(treatments carried out at the Medical & SPA Prestige Club)


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