Using the knowledge and skills of our specialists as well as the rich experience and potential of the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort, we provide long-term care to seniors.

The offer isn’t the only concern for rehabilitation. The breathtaking landscapes and the proximity of nature effectively encourage outdoor activities, and the numerous possibilities of spending time among the health resort’s guests constitute a perfect remedy for loneliness.

For our long-term guests, we offer comfortable rooms on the ninth floor of the Równica Health Resort. The rooms come fully equipped with a bathroom and a TV set. The guests also have access to a modern and comfortably arranged shared area – a kitchenette and a room where they can spend time together, watch TV, play games or read books.

The Senior package contains:

accommodation in Premium rooms

food: full board (5 meals)

a consultation with a doctor with designation of treatments

two treatments per day (one physiotherapeutic treatment and one in the area of kinesiotherapy, from Monday to Friday, holidays excluded)

a doctor on duty all day long

day and night nursing care


– discounts on the offer of the Health Resort’s Health Institute and the treatment zone of the Medical & SPA Prestige Club
– the possibility of additional, paid consultations with doctors, examinations and diagnostics without a referral and without waiting in lines
– in the Równica Health Resort there are also: the “Klub Kuracjusza” club, a library and an ecumenical chapel

Important information:

Before arrival, please send us the completed form (click to download) containing health information:
– by email to:
– by traditional mail to: Biuro Obsługi Kuracjusza [Patient Service Office], ul. Sanatoryjna 7, 43-450 Ustroń

prices from: 160 PLN/day

How to book?

By phone
at the reception desk of the Równica Health Resort
Minimal length of stay
14 days

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Professional care of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, as well as daily rehabilitation treatments.

over 30 days

from 150 PLN/day

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Stay with treatments 110 MS

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Stay with treatments 110 MS

A comprehensive healthcare plan developed by a doctor and tailored to individual recommendations and needs

At least five days

from 180 PLN/night

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