Diabetology clinic

Diabetology clinic

The purpose of the clinic is to help persons who have diabetes. To receive a professional doctor’s advice, you only need to bring:

  • a referral from a doctor
  • the results of the recent tests
  • a list of currently taken medication
  • a report of the blood glucose meter readings (fasting, 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, 2 hours after dinner) from the last two days
  • a document that confirms your insurance

The services of the Diabetology Clinic are covered by the Polish National Healthcare Fund (NFZ).

Practical information:

The doctor at this clinic is:
lek. med. Aneta Krawczyk
Health Resort’s Health Institute (Polish: Uzdrowiskowy Instytut Zdrowia)
ul. Sanatoryjna 7, 43-450 Ustroń
Treatment hours:

Monday: 11:30 a.m-6 p.m.


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