Równica Health Resort

Równica Health Resort

The Równica Health Resort and Hospital is situated in the very heart of the Beskid Śląski region. A long-standing tradition and professional care are the foundations of the philosophy of this place. Beautiful views and mountain air favour rest and rehabilitation. We admit persons who underwent such procedures and illnesses as:

  • cardiac infarction,
  • coronary angioplasty,
  • insertion of a pacemaker,
  • heart valve replacement.

The Równica Health Resort is also a perfect place for persons struggling with hypertension, circulatory failure and irregular heartbeat. There is a reason why we mention persons using cardiac rehabilitation in the first place – the first unit that was opened in the Równica Health Resort was the cardiology unit. Over the years, the scope of our activities has broadened by adding more specialisations – neurologic, respiratory and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Recently we have added a program for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to that list.

All the guests of the Równica Health Center are accommodated in comfortable and cosy single and double rooms as well as suites. Meals are served in a renovated dining area with a modern kitchen. There are hearty breakfasts, filling and varied lunches and light dinners. All the dishes are made from fresh produce from verified suppliers. Out of concern for the optimal well-being of our patients, we prepare meals according to individually devised dietary plans.

In the Równica Health Resort and Hospital building, the guests also have access to a library, an ecumenical chapel and the “Kuracjusz” Café, where you can have coffee or tea during the day, and in the evenings, there are dancing parties. In the Równica Health Resort, there is also the “Watra” travel agency, which organises trips for the patients.


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