About us

About us

It was Hippocrates who claimed that the physician treats, but nature heals. The Beskid Śląski region is undoubtedly a place where one may feel the restorative power of life. Here nature offers all that is best for human health. It is here, in Beskid Śląski, where the most prominent health resort complex in Europe is situated. Due to its long-standing tradition, effective treatments and professional practices it is a resort that has enjoyed excellent reviews and recognition throughout many years.

The core of the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort is made up of a team of experienced professionals, headed by world-class authorities, cooperated with American Heart of Poland.

Only here the patients have access to over 70 different treatments closely supervised by more than 60 doctors with a diverse range of specialisations as well as 100 physiotherapists. The treatment plan carefully fine-tuned to the individual needs of the guests, which ensures the highest recovery success rate.

Apart from the impressive knowledge of the specialists, the health resort also draws from the pure riches of nature. It has its own deposits of peloids and saline water. These resources exhibit healing properties and are used in the treatments. They have also been used in the development of the resorts’ own brand of natural cosmetics, called Pelocosmetics.


Humans have benefitted from their healing power from as early as the 19th century. Peloids help in the treatment of many ailments, such as arthritis, muscle inflammation, back pains, gynaecological diseases and atherosclerosis. A warm peloid bath also exhibits skin care properties. Due to the rich content of valuable minerals, it effectively rejuvenates and firms the skin. Our health resort, thanks to its natural deposit, has ongoing access to this resource.

Treatments with the use of peloids are managed in the modern Medical & SPA Prestige Club and the Resort’s Health Institute under the close supervision of our experienced specialists.

Saline water

The beneficial effects of saline water baths have been notable to man for many years. It is an enjoyable treatment – relaxing, soothing and calming. The immersion in warm water helps to relieve mental and physical tension. However, that’s not all. Most importantly, saline water baths are characteristic of healing properties. They contribute to the improvement of:

  • blood circulation,
  • blood supply to the skin,
  • heart operation,
  • body immunity,
  • metabolism.

All this is due to a high content of ions and valuable minerals that pass through the skin into the body during the bath. Thanks to our own natural saline water deposits, our health resort has ongoing access to this resource. The treatments with the use of saline water are conducted in the Resort’s Health Institute.


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